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arrested, 49-year-old jeffrey mcgann from southern california. police say he was boarding an airplane headed to lax. a tsa person spotted the watch. it looked like it contained bomb-making material. police say it had a circuit board inside the watch but it was not a bomb, and there's a lot of other things that made this man and this watch suspicious. >> it was a one-day turn around flight so he's out and back within a day. he was wearing a military-style shirt that has aç tourniquet built into it so if you receive a traumatic injury to your arm you can tighten the tourniquet and it will stop the bleeding. not a common item for civilians to wear. >> reporter: police also tell us tonight that mcgann was wearing
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unusual shoes, work boots with a removable sole inside and they were also two sizes too big. all of this considered evidence, police say, that mcgann considered himself an artist and he says that the watch was art. he is also being held at the sana'a rita jail. >> just a little odd. thank you very much, cheryl. well, now that the bay area is on storm watch. we've seen rain throughout the day. plenty more is on the way. that's leading to concern after the massive mud slide this week. we have team coverage. chief meteorologist jeff is here and joining us from the weather center. >> the timing is pretty much dead on. the second one we'll have more timing issues. we'll cover that later on in the show. right now these two storms in
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the next 48 hours continues to shape up just as we have been mentioning. it's been a little bit dry in the south bay at times. we do have another batch of moisture in the next two hours. you will continue to get wet weather for tonight. some of the biggest concerns have been from the northern end of the storm. another batch of heavier rainfall now developing there will push some heavier rain through edge mar in the next 47 minutes. daily city in the next 55 minutes. then up into the north bay. heavier area of rainfall is now over highway 101 in petaluma with rainfall with .18 of an inch. if you're heading to the north bay, take it very slow. now we bring you to the daily city mud slide. this area is super vulnerable. we could see another 3/4 to 1 inch of rain in the next 24 hours. winds may gust from 20 to 30
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miles per hour. all residents should stay alert. crews are working on it. mother nature is unfortunately in control. we'll have the timing on the second storm system coming up in a few minutes. >> jeff, thank you. vulnerable is the key word. we highlighted the neighborhood. this is where we join marian. they're prepared for a possible mud slide. what exactly are they doing? >> reporter: well, neighbors have been out here hosing off their cars. some have gotten some sand bags. mostly they're closely watching the mud slide behind me. they're hoping the hay bale wall will keep the mud from their homes. that was then, this is now. on tuesday a 1930 city pipe burst sending nearly 98,000 gallons of water down the hillside. she was trejing through three feet of mud.
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>> i saw this mud all over the place like flowing. >> reporter: which is why she said she's going to keep a close eye on the hillside behind her house just in case the weekend storm sends more mud her way. >> the rain might be a heavy rain and there's more mud that will flow down here. >> reporter: today neighbors did their best to clean off their cars. city crews have created a wall of hay bales as a buffer against any migrating mud. they're gearing up with the storm ahead. >> with the amount of debris on the site we can't start making permanent repairs to the site. we want to make temporary repairs to keep the erosion in place and to work with our residents that were affected on tuesday. >> reporter: neighbors tell us they don't expect mother nature to top the pipeline rupture when it comes to making a mess. you can see that city crews are leaving this excavator here just in case there is another mud slide this weekend.
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reporting live in daily city, marian favreau, bay city news. a san francisco city deputy is in his own jail cell charged with bank robbery. he robbed this bank of america in the outer richmond the day after election day. he handed the teller the note before he left with $1700. he was identified through fingerprints and surveillance photos. he now faces several felony robbery charges. a former police commander was arrested on several cases of elder abuse. 36-year-old matthew messier was arrested after abusing his police authority after using his authority. police are searching for regulato who's charged with criminal conspiracy. he was booked with theft, that
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you, forgery and practicing law without a license. police say a 65-year-old woman was attacked pi a 14-year-old boy. he was accused of attacking her, sexually assaulting her and dumping her on the side of the road. monty is joining us. >> reporter: the 14-year-old boy is in juvenile hall and the 65-year-old woman is in the hospital suffering from serious injuries. now this is a shocking story, but many of the seniors we talked to today in va lay jose they're not surprised a young person could be capable of doing something so horrific. at the shopping center where a 65-year-old woman was abducted thursday evening, seniors say they fear for their safety now more than ever. >> this is a problem child from a problem family, and i think it's really bad. >> reporter: the 65-year-old woman watts walking to her vehicle at about 5:00 p.m. on thursday when police say a 14-year-old boy forced her into
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her mini van with what turned out to be a fake gun. investigators say he made her drive to interstate 80 and hiddenbrooke park way where he sexually assaulted her and left her unconscious in a ditch bound with duct tape. >> pass ser's by summoned aid for her. they took good care of her and got her treatment. they also provided information to the police which ultimately assisted us in making the arrest. >> reporter: during the two-hour ordeal police say the 14-year-old contacted the woman's family using her cell phone and demanded a ransom which was never paid. the boy was known to police prior to the attack and when he later returned to the scene of the abduction in the victim's mini van, an officer recognized him and took him into custody. 80-year-old theodorea stockton talked to us. >> it comes to time where you need to start packing because you have to start protecting yourself. you wait around for the poe
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lease and they might get there after the fact so people going to have to start packing. >> reporter: and police say this appears to be a random attack. the district attorney has identified the suspect as 14-year-old cavier king of vallejo. he has been charged as an adult. he's due to face the charges in court on monday. live in vallejo. thank you, monte. new details in the investigation tonight of the man accused of killing this girl. he is accused of three attempted kidnappings at a morgan hill safe way back in 2009. now here's the full quote from the police report. the key piece of evidence appears to be a fingerprint from the battery of a stun gun that mashed the left thun of torres.
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the next court appearance is december 10th. an office duty police officer and a bad night for one of the bay area's most wanted gang members. the off duty officer was eating at a steakhouse when he spotted 20-year-old ronnie flono and hen entourage. officers from the bay area had been in the bay area looking for the gang member. after he left the restaurant he was busted without any trouble. >> this was a textbook perfect operation. no one got injured. the community got the message that we were out there, we care and we were able to be responsive. a very violent individual was taken off the streets. we're very serious about our crime fighting efforts and we are going to hold them accountable. >> police say he was wanted for shootings in oakland and aid home robbery. the sheriff says he will not
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give up the oversight of the department's domestic violence department. he pled guilty to misdemeanor false imprisonment following an argument with his wife. that argument left a bruise on her arm. they're pursuing legislation that would force the sheriff to recuse himself from domestic violence related cases. a daring flight under the golden gate bridge. still ahead, part two of an investigative unit exclusive. we reveal more dysfunction inside the california national guard. also, pop the champaign. coming up, an exclusive look inside of a local ipo. >> reporter: i'm dame en. we're live at san jose's evergreen school district. why parents say they will no longer be coaching sports. >> announcer: closed captioning provided by frontier ford.
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now a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. students could be forced to cancel an upcoming season. >> teachers decided they will only work in the classroom and not coach sports teams. it's called teaching to the contract and it's a dangerous step closer to actually initiating a strike. they've been watching the negotiations of the evergreen school district over the last few weeks. he joins us live from district headquarters. these are tough times, dame en. >> yeah, teachers are very angry. the impetus was an impasse that was declared by the school district so the district virtually closed the door on any negotiations and called in a mediator. so for now the basketball season and all other extracurricular activities are on virtual hold. >> they play outside the gym at the middle school. chances are they might have to
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wait a while before the lobos suit up for any official games inside. the teachers who quote sports teams and advise student groups after school will no longer be doing that. >> their decision to work the contract and, therefore, not do those things is, for the teachers i talked to, a huge struggle but they realize they have very little ways to influence the process. >> the children who play the sports are not happy. >> i don't really agree with it because, like, it's taking away all people's passions. like i was excited to play soccer this year, but i guess i can't. >> i'm mad about it. i wish the teachers hadn't chose what they had. >> their father says he's going to take his anger to the superintendent. >> we want to start e-mailing her and stuff like that. i encourage everybody to start e-mailing. >> but in an e-mail one administrator says should the current coaches opt not to coach we are beginning to look at other options and remain hopeful we will be able to provide an after school program. >> we want to negotiate a set
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ament. >> the union president says a strike is now on the table, a table he wants the district to come back to. there will be no negotiating during an impasse. stuck in the middle of this fight are the children of evergreen. >> reporter: the school district has refused our request for an on camera interview. they will open their books to the teachers to see why they're having these budget problems. meanwhile, the monday after thanksgiving the teachers will march from the shopping mall to district headquarters in protest. live in san jose. nbc bay area news. >> we hope for a resolution. it's an unhealthy part of america but it's so sweet and popular. now hohos and twinkies no more. twinkies and hohos are literally flying off the shelves in the
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bay area. the distinctive cream-filled treats have been around since the 1930s. it was an inexsentencstences -- inexpensive snack is a tradition for many. >> it's the history of america. it has cartoons after it. it has the kid with the lasso. it has everything but, i mean, everybody's got to go sometime. but it's going to be sad that it's hostess cakes. >> hostess is filing for bankruptcy. however, the company hopes to sell its divisions, meaning the twinkie may live on. stocks finished up today for the first time all week. while the markets have struggled the last month, we did see a ray of optimism in silicon valley this morning when a local company went public. we got an exclusive look inside the ipo. >> would you like some?
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>> reporter: the champaign tasted a little better inside the company. >> you have done amazing things. we have done amazing things. >> the bell. >> reporter: as the bell rang on the new york stock exchange. >> this is very exciting, yeah. >> reporter: 200 ruckus employees cheered. forget reality tv, this is what a silicon valley ipo is really like. >> i've been waiting for this for like over six years. i was driving here early this morning going, oh, my god. >> a day like this really makes it all worth it. you know, i've been here for seven years now, you know, through the grind, through the economic downturn. we were just this upstart. >> we feel good about our company. >> reporter: now with the ceo on cnbc and $126 million of ipo money in the bank, it's time for ruckus, a profitable wireless equipment maker, to celebrate. >> i've been with ruckus for six years.
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this is the first time i've ever been to anything like this. so it's all new to me and it's exciting. it's different. the atmosphere in here right now is like, okay, party time. >> you know what, today just made it like this is still great. i'm speechless. >> reporter: a company willing to go public in uncertain economic times looking for investors to go along for the ride. and more optimism ahead. apparently when asked what she's going to do with all of this money, the ruckus ceo said perhaps buy some companies and definitely hire more employees. in sunny val, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> congratulations to them. would he certainly hope it goes well. >> a lot of celebration there. >> reporter: let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff. when are we getting hit and how much longer?
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>> a lot of rainfall across the peninsula and across the bay. it's produced 1/4 to 1/2 inch of rain. we'll get some of this into south bay. we'll track the rain coming out. the current temperatures, it's cold. if you're heading anywhere tonight, not only do you need the jacket but keep the umbrella and keep the brakes on and go a little bit extra slow. we know there's been a lot of accidents out here tonight and those roads remain slick. the sky camera on this stormy friday evening, and san francisco, well, showing it all here with some low cloud cover moving in with this storm system and also rain that continues to move in and out in waves. we haven't seen too much rain in the south bay. this view in san jose. that's going to be picking up here at a heavier clip as we head at least over the next three hours. so you're not done with that rainfall in san jose at the current moment. okay. let's bring you back to the weather boards and what we're tracking all night in the doppler radar. a heavier batch of rain that's gotten produced here in the past
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20 to 30 minutes. it's in bodega by, petaluma and also nevada. heavier rain coming your way. you'll get a small slice of this up into san francisco as activity will pick up. let's take you up to the north bay. not too heavy on santa rosa. highway 101, you're going to 50 or 60 miles an hour. visibility could be reduced to hundreds of feet in some cases. back towards east bay, hasn't been a whole lot here. getting a little bit here filling in back by liver moore. we'll see this fill in a little bit more here as we head throughout the next two to three hours. just like the south bay. here comes more rainfall off to the south to san tra cruisz. we've got snow up here. not too heavy. winter weather advisory. we'll see it switch from rain to snow back to rain and snow throughout the entire weekend.
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that's why totals will only be four to eight inches with the latest storm system moving in. the timing of this cell. wet weather with the two storms over the next 48 hours. this one tonight and tomorrow morning. the second storm late saturday night and sunday morning. not only the rainfall but a few storms. the second storm will also be watching the santa cruz mountains for potentially some isolated flooding concerns. as far as the rain tonight, we have the rain across the bay area starting to fill in across the south bay. tomorrow morning we'll have some lingering showers. then as we head throughout the day saturday, we'll get some sun. not going to be wet for the entire saturday. as we head throughout saturday night, if you have any plans in the evening hours, here comes the next storm system to get us wet. again, a lot of wet weather as we head through the next 48 hours. we'll track it this hour. back to you. >> thank you very much, jeff.
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we'll touch base with you a little bit later. still ahead at 6:00, the danger is real but the planes are not. the investigative unit looks into so called ghost airplanes. and fixing the map flap on your iphone. could google reunite with apple. we've got the buzz. a rare look at the past. we'll show you fossils found on a local beach.
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some big names have come forward to support a teenager who was run out of the boy scouts once heçó said he was ga. he was on the el llen degeneres show. the state senator has sent a letter to the boy scouts of america to allow him to become an eagle scout which started the flak in the first place. the 32 state lawmakers have signed lee's letter including the senator barbara boxer. he's encouraged by the actions of ups which earlier this week said it would no longer donate
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to the boy scouts. now to an nbc bay area follow-up. the big debate over small amounts is over, at least for now. the san francisco board of supervisors approved the so called micro apartments, they will not limit the number which can be developed. supervisor scott wayner suggested capping the number of the 150 square foot units at 375. that idea was rejected late yesterday. when you do your holiday weekend grocery shopping now you have a great opportunity to help the less fortunate this holiday season. nbc bay area is joining safe way for our annual food drive and it happens tomorrow. it benefits bay area food banks. as you might know thousands of bay area residents need help. the 49ers are playing a big part of this effort. >> we know food is a big thing for people. they need to have sufficient food and nutritional food so they can be at their best. >> if you go to your local safe way, buy a $10 bag of food.
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it will provide seven or eight meals for a local family. the great thing is that you buy the bag locally and the bag is going to stay in your community. so you are really providing food for your hungry neighbors. >> it's pretty straightforward. a $10 bag helps so much. 165 bay area safe way stores are hosting the end hunger now food drive. i will be out there, jessica will be out there. the whole nbc bay area news team from all over in the bay area at different locations. i will be in mend ler park. you will be in pleasant ton. we invite you to join us. you can donate any time through christmas day. get ready to lace up. one of san jose's big attractions is opening tonight. it is the 17th year that the ice rink will be open. olympic gold medallist kristie yamaguchi will be there.
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nbc bay area is a proud sponsor. we'll have to head out there and make an appearance as well. >> you're a big ice skater. >> i like to skate. i wouldn't say i'm big but i like to. >> still ahead at 6:00. jim march baugh returns to work after the medical scare. we'll talk about some of the changes his doctors asked him to make. also. >> i'm tony kobalowski. a risky flight under the golden gate bridge. what it says about the california national guard is coming up next. >> i'm janelle wang. the full scale ground war looms closer. the search for two missing workers after an oil explosion in the gulf of mexico. next, we know the cause in "world tonight." [ female announcer ] introducing yoplait greek 100.
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100% new. ♪ 100% greek. 100% mmm... ♪ oh wow, that is mmm... ♪
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in fact it's so mmm you might not believe it's a hundred calories. well ok then, new yoplait greek 100. it is so good. ♪ at this hour there's no end in sight. the fighting is intensifying in the middle east as israel announces a bold move. >> janelle wang has the latest
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in our world tonight. >> egypt's prime minister paid a visit to gads za today to broker a truce. that attempt failed. both sides racheted up the attacks instead. palestinian mill tanlts fired more rockets from gaza today, some landing near jerusalem and tel aviv. the israeli air force responded with more airstrikes of their own wiping out hamas's observe arsenal. gaza is so densely populated, three days of fighting has left three israelis dead. israel has mobilized 16,000 reservists and moved them towards the border for a full scale ground war. that's sparking outrage throughout the world. protests took place in south korea today. david petraeus testified on capital hill today.
6:31 pm
behind closed doors petraeus apologized about his affair which prompted him to resign last week. after that it was all benghazi. he said the cia figured out immediately that al qaeda was behind the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three others. that gave republicans ammunition. they accused u.n. ambassador susan rice of spinning the story five days after the attack on september 11th to protect president obama's re-election campaign. she said the attack was sparked by a spontaneous antiamerican demonstration. democrats came to her defense. she said those were the unclassified talking points given to her by the cia. the fact that it was a terrorist attack was still classified and secret. two workers are missing after an oil rig fire in the gulf of mexico. the fire sent 11 people to the hospital. the rig is owned by black elk energy, an independent oil and gas company haeadquartered in
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houston. it was using a blowtorch to cut an oil line. the explosion in 2010 that happened, this rig was not producing oil so it wasn't producing a leak. jessica, raj. >> thank you very much, janelle. well, a brazen flight under the golden gate bridge. in a joint investigation by nbc bay area and knbc, we bring you video of that flight and what it might say about the california national guard. >> but the real tension comes from inside the guard where members are fed up and are now speaking out. yesterday we exposed allegations of racism. tonight more questionable actions involving one of the most famous landmarks in the world, the golden gate. >> tony joins us now. a lot of questions about that flight. >> many questions, jessica. some say it was reckless and risky. a decision made in less than ideal conditions, but it's what happened after the flight that
6:33 pm
members of the guard say exposes the real problem. >> reporter: it's exclusive video showing an ill-advised helicopter trip originating from moffitt field. >> when you watch this video, how do you react? >> disbelief first. in all of my air force training i've never seen this. >> reporter: members of the california national guard say this foggy morning produced a clear example of high-ranking hypocrisy. >> reporter: why did you agree to this interview? >> somebody needs to speak out about breakdown of discipline. it's a bad example. >> reporter: we altered his voice and disguised his image because he fears retribution. >> he has flying experience in afghanistan and iraq. >> reporter: in your expert opinion was this decision to fly these five helicopters a prudent decision? >> definitely not prudent.
6:34 pm
>> reporter: a decision made by two top senior leaders at moffitt field. this document shows the pilots making the decision in the lead helicopter where major tom keegan and mattwenty. >> focus on the fog covering the top of the golden gate bridge. >> the video shows five helicopters following each other into less than ideal conditions and nobody's speaking up. >> reporter: less than ideal because air force regulations require a minimum cloud ceiling of 6700 feet. the roadway is 246 feet. the video appears to show the fog sitting well below the air force's requirement for safe flying. >> there was no purns on that bridge. nothing required to go
6:35 pm
underneath that bridge. >> reporter: 20 pilots and crew leading the way. sources say it was a nonemergency flight rewarding 40 members of the guard. >> some sources we've talked to say this was an incentive trip, a joyride. >> it looks like it was an incentive flight which makes it even more egregious because the people you have on board didn't buy in a that risk. they don't understand what's going on. you would expect there would be some disciplinary action, that maybe some people's promotions would be held up. >> reporter: following the flights we have confirmed the guard did not discipline major keegan. major wenty was given a written reprimand. in the weeks that followed both received promotions. contrast that with what happened to lieutenant colonel rusty henderson. >> he was released from my active duty tour. >> retaliation? >> absolute retaliation. there's no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: seven years earlier
6:36 pm
he was awarded this trophy, the 2005 field grade officer of the year. >> so in seven years you go from the highest award in the guard to essentially out? >> out of my active duty tour, yes. >> reporter: how does that happen? >> that's a great question. i wish i had a good answer for you. >> reporter: lieutenant colonel henderson said he was fired for standing up for one of his airmen. he believes they were wrongfully discharging one of his airmen. ultimately lieutenant colonel said he was released of his command for challenging leadership. a stark contrast to the promotions that followed the flights under the golden gate bridge. >> i can tell you the culture and the 129 rescue wing is fractured and toxic in my opinion. i led the add jew tapt general know that. >> this still secret report is highly critical of the culture in the guard. >> why ultimately have you decided to talk? >> because so many people have
6:37 pm
asked me to. and when i found out in california that they don't have a copy of the report that i wrote. >> reporter: chief ronald petty of the oklahoma guard led an independent investigation and co authored the report. they paid for it with tax dollars. sources provide it had to us but somehow 18 months after it was finished the guard's leadership still does not have a could havy. >> reporter: you found some serious problems? >> yes. >> reporter: and from all indications, nothing significant changed. >> yeah. frustrated. i'm sure they are. >> reporter: he's referring to the 14 guard members he interviewed. his report reads sexual harassment and a hostile work environment was common place. >> you call this a big problem. shouldn't it be a big priority? >> sure. it should always be a big priority. when you find these things. >> reporter: do you believe the information in this report embarrasses the national guard? >> all day long. >> yes.
6:38 pm
>> it substantiates our claims. >> reporter: our investigation included interviews with nearly two dozen members of the california guard all frustraterd with the current state of the culture. >> i have a mandate from the governor to change the culture of the organization. >> that was major general david baldwin at his formal confirmation hearing earlier this year pledging to fix deeply rooted problems dating back several years. >> in a letter major baldwin vowed to fix the problems. did he keep his promise? >> no. >> reporter: through his spokesperson we are told major general baldwin has a great story to testimony but he declined to answer our questions on camera to answer kwerns of the members of his guard wondering why risky flights under the golden gate bridge are accepted. >> it's arrogance. a culture where the leadership
6:39 pm
feels the rules do not apply for them so they feel they can get away with things. >> reporter: three notes to share with you. although general baldwin declined to be interviewed. look for that in the coming weeks. second, chief petty says he believe there has been some movement recently and the guard may be finally serious about cleaning up its problems. finally, an example of the change came yesterday. general baldwin has requested a new visit by the national guard view to review key programs in the guard to make sure they are meeting that national guard standard. that is a significant development. raj, jess? >> thank you very much, tony. if you have a tip for the investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips. still ahead here at 6:00, why apple's mac flap may soon be
6:40 pm
a thing of the past. a new air traffic control system that could create security concerns all across the nation. they're millions of years old and going to our coast. weather center bay area, tracking the storm. major delays at sfo. running 2 1/2 hours behind. let you know what this means for your weekend and another storm system in just a few minutes.
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are you lost? help is on the way. the iphone mac disaster is on the way. google is working on a map app for iphones. it's still in the test phase. the final release date isn't yet available.
6:43 pm
apple dumped google in its latest version of its iphone. apple's own map technology has been severely criticized for being inaccurate. thought to be more than 3 million years old have been found in santa cruz. it looks like a series of spinal rocks is thought to be a whale from the pleiocene era. the tidal pool at the end of the 36th avenue area will probably get lots of visitors next month when there's an extra low tide. it will leave the bones completely expoed. just ahead, jeff joins us and tells us when there's going to be some breaks in the rain. stay with us.
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if you fly anywhere in the united states your pilot will be using a new system that relies on satellite much like the gps in your car. >> it's a system that's been years in the making. it's meant to save you time and money and make you safer. as nbc's investigative unit has been discovered says the system could be hacked. our investigative reporter steven stock joins us in the newsroom. hacking and flight safety, this is a dangerous mix here. >> absolutely, raj. the system is called nextgen.
6:46 pm
the next generation of air traffic control. critics tell us they've found some serious flaws in this technology. if the flaws aren't fixed could create security and safety concerns at airports around the country. 471, 107. >> reporter: the new system called nextgen is expected to become fully operational by 2020. it is a complex system of air traffic control that will out satellite based technology similar to the gps you use in your car rather than the ground based tracking systems to more efficiently control tracking throughout the air and the united states. nextgen is being used on a trial basis in the bay area. earlier this year faa acting administrator michael wharfta shows off the technology. >> what we wanted people to
6:47 pm
understand is nextgen is right now. there are things that we are doing that are improving the use of the air space that will result in a lot of benefit right away. >> reporter: while the benefits of these technological changes may come in time, several different sources worry about security flaws now. >> i'm he not the only one out there that has access to this information. i'm far from the only one out there that has these skills. in essence, that's very concerning because i would like to consider myself one of the good guys because i think it's fun to do this stuff. if i can do it, somebody else can. >> now the faa maintains that the threat to this new nextgen system is no more different or greater than it is to the current ground-based radar system in use today. coming up tonight, we will take a closer look at this technology behind next again and we will show you a demonstration of these security concerns. we'll see it firsthand. we will see how computer hackers can actually insert ghost airplanes into the system and into the sky with little to no
6:48 pm
trouble at all. that's tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then. i'm steven stock, nbc bay area news. >> okay. we look forward to the 11:00 story. we invite you to call us if you have a tip for the investigatetive unit. send us an e-mail directly to the unit@nbc bay we'll check in with jeff for the evening and tomorrow, saturday, we have the food drive. people will be heading to the supermarket. >> it won't be an entirely wet weekend. that's good news. we'll have sunshine for parts of saturday and sunday. we'll gets more on the time line. let's get a look at what's happening now. heavy batch of rain pushing into the north bay. we'll track that in a moment. we'll get a look at some rainfall. very impressive over the past 24 hours. up here into the north bay mountain, a lot happening in the past two hours alone. 4800, santa cruz mountain and
6:49 pm
nevada, 2800. there is some ponding on the roadways. winds gusting from 15 to 30 miles per hour with our first in a series of two storm systems. the largest kirn on the radar continues to be the north bay. this is now the third round of some heavier rainfall coming at you. san ra fell, up into petaluma. the computer's picking up on the potential that we may see some flooding concerns again with this on some of the roadways once this makes it on land as we head throughout the next 30 to 40 minutes for those of you in the north bay. we'll get some heavier activity headed through sausalito. anyone traveling from san francisco points northward, be prepared for the wettest area. it's been a two-sided story. we have rain building off to the south and as we head through the next two hours, that will be filtering into the south bay including san jose and all the
6:50 pm
way back across the east bay. let's get you out live. yes, it is wet. san francisco, the cloud line is also very low. some fog mixing in with that mid level cloud cover. very stormy. anyone heading into the san francisco region at the bay bridge approach will encounter lots of traffic. looks like fast track is having no problem. the time line seems a little bit confusing sometimes because we have so much activity the next 48 hours. we'll break it down for you as best we can. tonight we'll have the rain filling into the south and east bay. tomorrow morning, a few lingering showers at 6:00, 7:00, 8:00. then as we head throughout the late morning, 10:00 and 11:00, we'll have dry and even some shun shine with the clouds and then as we head throughout the evening hours, here comes the second storm we're talking about. by 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, it lines up with areas that could produce
6:51 pm
thunderstorms. that will linger into early sunday morning. we'll get sunshine in here by sunday afternoon. again, some windows of sun mixed into your weekend. we'llike at overall totals from 3/4 of an inch to 2 inches. temperatures in the upper 40s to low to mid 50s. daytime highs are expected to top out across much of the bay area. on the seven day forecast what you'll find is an active next two days as we mentioned with the chance of thunderstorms and we dry out for monday and also tuesday. and turkey day on thursday looks dry right now but some cloud cover coming our way. >> thank you, jeff. >> you're welcome. let's get to sports. bring in scott from our comcast newsroom. a lot going on with jim harbaugh and his doctors. >> yeah, no doubt. and a lot of nerves around the santa clara complex. >> niners collective heart may
6:52 pm
have skipped news upon jim harbaugh's irregular heartbeat. knowing harbaugh, you wouldn't expect him to be down and out for long. john henry smith reports. >> reporter: jim harbaugh says when he felt his heart beating faster than normal wednesday, he knew what was happening. >> atrial flutter is something i've had for a while. probably pretty close to all of my life. the doctor said we need to go in and get this done, this ploed ndur done, so not going to be stubborn like a mule. >> he had his procedure on thursday to bring his heart back into rhythm. not only did he not stay overnight in the hospital, he went to observe part of practice the very same day. >> the guy is unbelievable. he goes into a fib. next thing you know, he's standsing next to me in practice. what are you doing? thought i'd come check it out. didn't they just shock you five minutes ago? >> glad to be back at work. glad to be preparing for this ball game.
6:53 pm
i'm fine, fine, and ready to go to work. >> reporter: coach harbaugh ran practice and said it's game day usual from this point forward. the doctors told him to layoff the caffeine. from santa clara, i'm john henry smith. nbc bay area news. of course, the niners hope to have their quarterback, alex smith, on monday. the bears will not have theirs. jay cutler ruled out because of a concussion he suffered last sunday. that means former raider qb jason campbell will be under center for chicago. the melky cabrera era is now overment cabrera and the blue jays have agreed on a two year $68 million deal. he was leading the national league and hitting it back on august 16th when he drew a 50 game suspension for a positive testosterone tres. warriors in action other as we
6:54 pm
speak taking on the timberwolves. second quarter, stef curry. a scoop shot is true. next golden state possession, harrison barns to david lee. the fundamentally sound two-hand flush. carl landry laying it up and in to put the warriors up. they have opened things up 88-73 your score in the fourth quarter. finally, drama in the skies above oregon. the oregon duck mascot lost its head during a sky diving mishappen. the duck head plummeted to earth. i couldn't make this up. was recovered by a good samaritan relatively intact. of course, oregon set to host stanford. raj, jess, if you ever hear someone yell duck, take it more literally. >> thank you. >> we're back in a moment. stay with us.
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
tonight at 11:00 a south bay marine killed in afghanistan is honored by the state tonight and only on nbc bay area we'll hear from the fallen marine's father who's a santa clara county judge. that is going to do it for us this evening. hope to see you again tonight at 11:00. >> stay dry tonight. bye-bye.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> "extra, extra!"! >> now on "extra" -- c.i.a. whistleblower jill kelley getting death threats.

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